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We Interviewed an Online Business Owner who has Invested his Future In South Africa

South Africa, known for suffering an exodus of skilled professionals for greener pastures, is not the first place South African's think of investing their money. While many South Africans were dreaming of departing, Mr Osterloh instead saw an opportunity. We wanted to see South Africa from his perspective and find out what we could learn from his experience.

How to Start an Online Business in 2020 that Actually Makes Money

Cookie-cutter advice of years past not necessarily going to work in 2020, so I am going to take everything I have learnt in my ten years of online business, and form a clearer picture of what will actually lead to success.

I am not going to dwell on the current state of affairs too much. Let's just assume that you plan to start a business that is conducted mostly online, and with minimal, if any, in-person contact.