Easy Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Easy Accounting Software for Small Businesses

If you can't get your head around endless accounting jargon, and simply need to track your money, we're here to help.

payPod provides the easiest accounting software possible by distilling the process down to the bare necessities that you need to run your small business.

At the heart of this, is a simple cashbook where you will track your income and expenses as they happen. This is called single entry cash accounting. Our system also allows you to invoice, quote and provide account statements to your clients and customers.

Our Accounting Software at a Glance.

1. Cash Book

A cash book is simple. When you either receive or spend money, make a quick entry in your cashbook and select a category; be it sales, stock purchase or other running costs. Over time, these entries will provide a far better view of your business than your bank statements.

2. Profit & Loss Report

Income Statements, or Profit and Loss reports, summarize your income and expenditure over a period of time. As long as your cashbook is up to date, you'll be able to get an overview of how your business is doing. Find out where your money is going, and where your best income sources are.

3. Invoicing, Quoting & Statements

We provide an intuitive way to quote and invoice your clients faster than any clunky template. Should your client request a statement, simply generate one based on your clients invoice and payment history.

How do I get started?

With the first month being 100% free, you can explore all of what payPod has to offer without any risk. Simply click here to sign up or learn more.

Is doing my accounting with payPod right for me?

Are you a small or micro enterprise? Just getting started with a new business or side hustle? Then quite likely, yes. Many people make the mistake of not keeping records when they start their new business journey. This quickly becomes a massive headache when you can't easily tell where your money is going. And from our teams personal experience, we know that traditional accounting packages can be overwhelming or too costly when you are just getting started. This is where we come in. We make record keeping so easy, you'll actually enjoy doing it. And when you enjoy something, you'll never neglect it.