payPod System Updates

What is this?

This page lists changes we have made to payPod. From now on we will add to this list any changes which may affect the users of payPod. We hope to make changes which will improve your experience of using the site.

28 June 2020

  • Added the ability to collect online payments from payPod invoices by adding the option to include a PayFast "Pay Now" button to invoices.

10 April 2020

  • Moved server to South Africa for better local speeds.
  • An autocomplete selection will appear on invoices and quotes after typing in the first character of the item name. The list is pulled from your past history of line items.
  • Export of select data for invoices, quotes, credit notes and payments has been added.

08 March 2020

  • Added Expense tracking.
  • Added summary widget to dashboard.

29 January 2020

  • Improved email delivery success rate.
  • Added an option to "My Settings" for placement of the "Terms / Notes" section.

03 January 2020 - Major Update

  • Credit notes added.
  • Payment tracking added.
  • Statements added.
  • New payment plans added.
  • Documents now include company logos at the top.

17 May 2019

  • Client list page is now sortable by client name.
  • Client drop down on invoices/quotes now has a search feature.
  • Activity log added below the invoices/quotes detailing the date & time mails were sent, and whether they bounced.
  • Email notification added when an email bounces or fails.

03 June 2016

  • Launched our new mobile-friendly interface and branding.
  • Launched our new blog.

18 May 2016

14th of April 2016

  • After a few glitches, we are now serving a secure HTTPS connection.

3rd of April 2016

  • Fixed an issue with the Bcc and Cc email fields with our new mail provider.

26th of March 2016

  • Moved to a new hosting home. New developments starting up soon.

22nd of November 2013

  • Fixed multiple issues with invoice-to-quote conversion.
  • Fixed the issue of the quote or invoice currency resetting to the accounts default option when editing an existing quote or invoice.

19th of May 2013

  • Added 1 currency: Chilean Peso ($).

8th of May 2013

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the quote and invoice total not displaying on client pages.

18th of March 2013

  • Added 5 currencies: Thai Baht (฿); Brazilian Real (R$); Mozambique Metical (MT); Mauritian Rupee (₨); East Carribean Dollar ($) (Covers: Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, and Montserrat).

16th of March 2013

  • Added 4 currencies: Canadian Dollar ($); Mexican Peso ($); Malaysian Ringgit (RM); Turkish Lira (₤).

15th of March 2013

  • Stopped requiring that 'Item Description' has to be filled in on quote and invoice line items.

9th of March 2013

  • Added 8 currencies: Australian Dollar ($); Botswana Pula (P); Ghana Cedi (₵); Indian Rupee (₹); Namibian Dollar ($); New Zealand Dollar ($); Russian Ruble (руб); Yuan Renminbi (¥) (People's Republic of China).